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    Calcium, magnesium and zinc are essential minerals that are interrelated in their roles in your physical health. They regulate many body functions. In addition, in adequate amounts, calcium, magnesium and zinc may preserve the quality of your life. Calcium benefits include strong bones, for fewer fractures. Getting enough magnesium may help to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women who increase zinc intake promote normal growth and development in their children‡. Calcium provides the foundation for healthy teeth and bones, and helps muscle and nerve tissue develop. As a person matures, a consistent supply of calcium benefits muscle contraction, blood pressure regulation, hormone secretion and the transmission of neural impulses‡. Magnesium, like calcium, is a mineral that is stored in the bones and affects bone health. It also participates in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body‡.

  • Unlike calcium and magnesium, zinc cannot be stored in the human body and must be replenished daily. A steady supply of this essential mineral aids in enzymatic actions. Zinc assists in physical immunity, cell division and metabolism, and protein and DNA synthesis‡. Magnum Vitamins® Cal. Mag. Zinc Plus Vitamin D3: * Important to immune and reproductive health‡. * Essential for strong bones and teeth‡. * Necessary for a healthy skeletal system and reduces blood pressure‡.

  • Product CAT: Bone Health

  • Product UPC: 025417756111

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